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The Cast

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Mike and Megan

Their ecofriendly DIY projects have been leaving other flippers green with envy for years. Mike’s approachable demeanor, along with Megan’s spunk, gives their renovations practicality and flair. For everyday ingenuity and projects that pop, look no further than this colorful couple down in Cajun Country.

Robert and Katie

Moving houses and flipping them for big profits is full of all kinds of surprises, especially when you’re down on the bayou. Good thing Robert and Katie have seen it all. Whether it’s lowballing or going all in, this power couple boasts a keen business sense with an eye for a good deal. But in the game of flipping n’ moving, you need more than brains; you need a little luck.  And these flippers have it in spades.

Darren and Lucy

Transforming a house takes time and a little T.L.C. Together, Darren and Lucy combine honest sweat with a lot of know-how. When it comes to fixing bathrooms or modernizing kitchens, they have a knack for finding big value in the most challenging projects. The end results are stylish homes with a little bit of spice.

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