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Flip N Updates

  • Wisecracking
    “Well if you think that’s funny, wait till you see what I did to the bathroom.” The post Wisecracking appeared first on Robert and Katie. ... read more
    By Robert and Katie2017-08-05
  • Crash!!!
    Let’s make some noise! What did y’all think about that jazzy little number? We’re feeling pretty good about it. The post Crash!!! appeared first on ... read more
    By Mike and Megan2017-07-29
  • The French Flat
      Take a closer look at the French Flat. We were inspired by the design style down in the ... read more
    By Darren and Lucy2017-07-28
  • Living Spaces
    It could use some work, that’s for sure. When you look at at this living room, what do you see? We see Thursday nights curled ... read more
    By Robert and Katie2017-07-27
  • Circle Saws
    We’re getting after it alright. RIZZZZZ! We got a little Creedence playing at the job site, and we are going to knock out these projects one ... read more
    By Mike and Megan2017-07-27

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